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data migration management

Software improvements in policy, indemnity and sales environments usually pose a challenge for many insurers.

Maintaining operational performance in the transition from „old“ to „new“ must always be set as a minimal goal.

The aim is to achieve data transmission from the old application into the new system and the production of the business process capabilities after data transfer. The activities involved in the introduction and data migration often takes place in parallel, as the relevant department has to eventually work in a fast and integrated fashion after the software with its processes is implemented. This highly demands for the coordination and the performance of such projects.

vericos is acquainted with the new and the old management systems. Our consultants have successfully transferred databases repeatedly. All application systems have one thing in common - the process of data migration can only be overcome with specialised quality. Product administration systems carry an important role in data migration. The introduced product administration system will usually determine the variety and the options of the data structure. 

We as vericos always recommend the process through an analysis inter alia brief study on method evaluation. Subsequently, we draw up a prototype for technical and functional counter checks or rather as conclusive proof in the analysis. Based on this, we are able to determine a reliable figure of cost.

vericos considers the themes in product modeling as part and parcel of migration projects. The correlating functional merger between product logic and transformation rule is incumbent upon unique supervision. Experience has shown especially that tests in an integrated environment need to be taken into consideration on time and with sufficient personnel resources. Before going live, the business process capabilities of the migrated data has to be guaranteed in the entire system landscape. 

When vericos leads a migration project, this will be divided into several phases. Depending on the policy management system, methods, processes and test support as well as software development can be provided by vericos.

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