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vericos conducts your projects impartially as an external. We see ourselves obliged to deal with the consequences of the project and its goals.

Internal hurdles are objectively clarified to achieve focused results. Each day is fully dedicated to project goals.

Moreover we’re able to provide appropriate calibration of processes and procedures through our project experience and best practices.

The software implementation at an insurance company requires a multiple approach. Due to the complex and closely linked system architectures, influences in business operations have to be maintained at a minimum as far as possible.

The whole aim of all activities, is to support the officer in charge in dealing with his/her daily business processes.

Besides professionally-motivated software upgrades, overarching influences such as technical improvements (modernisation), business considerations (transformation), statutory provisions (solvency/S€PA) or mergers (post merger activities) can compel a software change. 

Depending on the maturity level of the software being introduced and the flexibility of the department concerned, there is a demand for varying processes in the implementation. Objective individuality is necessary without neglecting the goals. Users need to be convinced daily, project workers need to be oriented, framework conditions need to be agreed upon and to provide the management with information essential for decision making.

The consultants of vericos have been in the business of software implementation for indemnity insurance, motor vehicle insurance and casualty insurance for over twenty years now. Our focus lies on the integration of policy and sales management systems. Furthermore, we have knowledge in the introduction of software modules in evolving system architectures.

Our consultants are deployed by our clients as program-, project- and sub-project leader or simply as a project worker.

Furthermore vericos offers consultants, who are experienced in dealing with specialised concepts - from the idea through to implementation.

Hence, the independence of vericos is and remains a very important factor. We know many software suppliers from our own projects – our judgments are based upon factual and agreed opinions of our clients.

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