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As a consultancy firm in the environment of financial services provider we know how important it is, that the IT staff is aware of their own company’s processes. That is why we provide consistent training to our staff with focus on the processes arising from the client's company processes.

Some of the training modules, which we offer our employees, may also be offered to our clients. Thereby we pursue an approach based upon generalisation to specialisation in a particular situation. As a matter of course, we coordinate the content with the client beforehand and individualise our standard offer this way.

Our best experiences are on the following subjects.

  • overview over insurances (general) business models, organisation, regulation, branches,
  • insurances and their applications, application landscapes and systems with their functions,
  • processes of an insurance company and their data behaviour in the application environment. Overview over data streams and processes in the application system.

These trainings can be attended by beginners as well as lateral entrants from IT management and its related departments of insurance companies. We also have first-hand experience with large consultancy firms, who wish to orientate their sales and management team.

We run all our seminars individually and upon request. We would be pleased to give you further information. Thanks to our pricing model, a training course starting with only four participants is economically attractive.

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