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why walk alone,when we can easily do it together

The consultants at vericos do what they do best with conviction and consistency. Every consultant has the experience for the entrusted project environment.

vericos' consultation philosophy comprises a revolving process with a 360°-view of the goal and the framework conditions.

Our interdisciplinary consultation approach, our project experience and our passion in the field of insurance makes us a reliable partner to have. The relation of which can hardly be differentiated from the obvious. As an external consultant, we are not aware of many internal details. However, we know the way to finding a solution and the options involved in reaching our goal.

With our view on the essentials, projects are promoted – details are contemplated at the right point of time.

The balancing act between the 'generalist' and the 'specialist' equips vericos in its coordination in the fields of indemnity and accident insurance and its IT projects. The market development and regulatory events result in insurances facing enormous challenges. With innovative willingness and high flexibility in taking economical aspects into consideration, these changes can be dynamically confronted.

Optimising the process automation and the integration of new products are two of many possibilities in the implementation of adequate measures. Long term strategies and a suitable technical infrastructure determine the prerequisites.

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